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Friday, July 17, 2015

Arm Cuffs + Icon Graphics + Strange Sitting Position Glitch

- Arm Cuffs arrived

- Get free Jammer Wall graphics

- Find out about a strange sitting position glitch!

Hey there Jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a really busy day for me! But, anyway, let's start this issue! ^.^

Today's new item is arm cuffs, an item which was followed by many rumors! But, finally, they came to Jam Mart Clothing, in a bit different design!

You may heard of these before, which happen to be in a tutorial which is on the end of creating your account!

So here's the difference!

They don't look a like at all! Hmm... When is AJHQ bringing the actual item (left pic) to the store?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Buried Statue + AJ Comic + The Falling Phantoms Secret

- Another item from excavation site item set arrived - buried statue

DE posted another comic

- Get Alpha Graphics for free!

- Find out all about The Falling Phantoms Secret!

Hey there Jammers, it's Mimi here! Let's start with news!

Today's new item is buried statue - another item from excavation site set!

This item is actually pretty cool, but I think it'll be better if it changes to alphas too! ^.^

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dig Site Canopy + Are Hyenas Dogs (DE) + Glitch

- Another item from excavation site set came to Jamaa

DE posted an interesting "Ask Brady" video

- Get graphics for free

- Check out a weird glitch!

Hey there my little Jammers! It's Mimi here, as always! Let's start with the news!
Today, we have another new item from excavation site set - dig site canopy

This very expensive item comes in few different colors! I think this item is really cute, especially the "bone-thingy", but the price should be definitely lower - around 600 gems!

Also, a made a graphic of this item. If you're using it in any way, please give credit to me, Mimi5000.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rare Freedom Sports Jersey + Pottery Shards + More AJ Blogs Page!

- It's Monday, which means - another RIM!

- Pottery Shards arrived to Jam Mart Furniture

- Get Pottery Shards graphic for free!

- AJN created a new page - More AJ Blogs!

Hey there Jammers! Mimi here with another post! Sorry for kind of a late post (it's late here for me :P), but I was waiting on DE to post! But, anyway, let's start!

As you already read above, another RIM arrived! And it is rare freedom sports jersey! Long name, right? :P

I didn't know that AJ is still making freedom items... 4th of July was almost 10 days ago! 

What do you think about this item? Rate its look and price in the comment section! ^.^

Also, here's the DE's post on today's new RIM!

Click to enlarge

Well, that deer has a style for sure! ^.^