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The Paw Up Movement

* Notice: this page, including the list of members, was copied from old AJPU blog (owned by AJN's owner)* 

We all need to show Jammers that there's nothing to be afraid of. All Jammers must raise their paw up and tell their opinion. They all have their rights in the world of Jamaa.
If you agree, join our Paw Up Movement! Spread the word about this movement, making all Jammers raise their paw up, whenever they want to share their opinion. 

Want to join the movement? Comment your username below and you'll become a member. But you have to promise that you'll always share your opinion, but also respect others'!

Members of the Paw Up Movement

  1. Mimi5000
  2. awesomepanda868
  3. Kitkat8529
  4. kittylover22308
  5. Kiki51772
  6. arcticpenguinii
  7. cutepups522
  8. awsomedoggy
  9. Lakeahana
  10. Moondancer31
  11. Wolfiedrago
  12. thegreatanimaljammer
  13. Zahavagardin
  14. Mldriver
  15. Tigerfort
  16. spiritpaw4
  17. jameslionking
  18. GemGalaxy
  19. Shipia
  20. Prettypal444
  21. Supernatural01010
  22. pandahearn
  23. Justawesome32
  24. franzilla
  25. prettyseal29358
  26. Camp2014
  27. Awesomenessbonnie
  28. tikkabella
  29. Lexey200
  30. lpscutepuppys
  31. peacesignsarelife
  32.  silvia2249
  33. daxx32002

Here are some banners that you can post on your blog, to spread the word about the Paw Up Movement!

By Awesomepanda868

By Moondancer31

By Arcticpenguinii


  1. arcticpenguinii signed outJuly 3, 2015 at 1:01 PM

    1. @arcticpenguinii
      Awesome banner!
      I'll have to make you a new banner for the Paw Up movement... the one that's on this page (made by me) currently looks awful. XD Oh how bad I was at this kind of stuff back then... XP

    2. Thank you so much, Arctic! The banner is so amazing! I'll add it to the page!

      Panda, the banner is amazing! But, sure you can make new one :P

  2. I would like to join! I have a blog of my own that is still in process *though it's not blogspot*
    I would love to join this movement, it would be fun, and this is one of my favorite blogs!!

  3. Orchidcat107 I will respect anybody, and will cause no fights.