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Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July! + Graphics + Mysteries

- It's 4th of July, which means - new freedom items!

- Get free graphics

- AJN created a new page full of mysteries!

Hey there Jammers! Mimi wishes you 4th of July (if celebrate it :P)! Since 4th July is today, AJHQ brought 3 items to Freedom Party shop! 

I really love the colors, but I guess AJHQ could've changed the actual item... But, that's a common thing for AJHQ :/

Anyway, here's the DE's post for today!

Of course, it is about fireworks! Make sure to read the post, maybe you'll find it interesting ^.^

Also, I made some new graphics for all of you! I guess they're not really related to 4th of July, but they're very cute though ^.^ Be free to use them, but please give credit to me Mimi5000 (or AJN).

Flowering Apple Tree Graphic

Flowering Orange Tree Graphic

Art Easel Graphic

Have you heard that AJN has new page? It's all about Jamaa's mysteries! Here's one sneak peek!

Hmm... it looks like Kimbara Outback represents Australia, since in Outback Imports this picture is shown - kangaroo and koala!

Well, that was all for today Jammers! Have fun celebrating 4th of July!