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Friday, July 17, 2015

Arm Cuffs + Icon Graphics + Strange Sitting Position Glitch

- Arm Cuffs arrived

- Get free Jammer Wall graphics

- Find out about a strange sitting position glitch!

Hey there Jammers! Sorry for not posting yesterday, it was a really busy day for me! But, anyway, let's start this issue! ^.^

Today's new item is arm cuffs, an item which was followed by many rumors! But, finally, they came to Jam Mart Clothing, in a bit different design!

You may heard of these before, which happen to be in a tutorial which is on the end of creating your account!

So here's the difference!

They don't look a like at all! Hmm... When is AJHQ bringing the actual item (left pic) to the store?

Anyway, I made some cool new Jammer Wall Icon graphics! Remember to give credit if using them to me, Mimi5000 ^.^

*To save those, right-click > save as... or drag it to your desktop

 Lastly, I wanted to show you a cool glitch that can be done on slides!

For this glitch, you need at least 2 land animals and a slide. It works basically on any slide in Jamaa! What you'll need to do is to change into another animal while sliding. It will make your animal sit in a very weird position. Take a look!

Well, that was all for today! I hope you enjoyed ^.^