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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Buried Statue + AJ Comic + The Falling Phantoms Secret

- Another item from excavation site item set arrived - buried statue

DE posted another comic

- Get Alpha Graphics for free!

- Find out all about The Falling Phantoms Secret!

Hey there Jammers, it's Mimi here! Let's start with news!

Today's new item is buried statue - another item from excavation site set!

This item is actually pretty cool, but I think it'll be better if it changes to alphas too! ^.^

Meanwhile, AJHQ posted another AJ comic on DE! Here it is!

Also, I wanted to show you some alpha graphics that I made! If using them, please give credit to me, Mimi5000! 

Remember, Graphics page is now updated! Make sure to check out all new graphics! ^.^

Lastly, I'm going to talk about The Falling Phantoms game secret...

Ever noticed those weird looking animals, usually rhinos, elephants, monkeys etc. - those "not-so-popular" animals, just appearing on very begging of a round? If you did, you're a great spotter! Those are actually computers (or AJHQ's animals) who are automatically added to the game when players are needed. But, they can't be the winners, which means they are going to be hit by a phantom before the end of the round! Here're some examples!

Well, that was all for the post, Jammers! Bye :)


  1. So technically when we play falling phantoms we so,Eli,es play with a computer

    1. Well, if there's not enough REAL players they add fake (computer) player :)

    2. i think this also happens for splash and dash and jamaa derby too, because there are usually a bunch of animals playing that have weird outfits. some of them are probably real jammers but there are so many animals with weird outfits that im pretty sure they are computers

    3. You're right! I noticed them in those games too :)

  2. I always wondered why there were weird looking animals that didn't move..

  3. I always wondered why there were weird looking animals that didn't move..

  4. Wow.... wow....... -starts to rock back and forth in a corner because mind is BLOWN- heh heh...