Blogger Tricks

Gem & Diamond Codes

Hello there! This page is full of codes which you can use by entering it in a tab under password tab when logging in! All those are tested, which means all of them work! The page will be updated as the new codes are being released!

BEANO - 1000 gems (new)
explorer - 100 gems
ajbday4 - 4th Birthday Cake
adventure - 500 gems
winter - 500 gems
pets – 500 gems
newyear15 – 500 gems
ajrocks – 500 gems
outback – 500 gems
twelve - 1 diamond
ngkjammin – 1,000 gems

When entering a code, 'I Have a Code to Enter!' must be ticked.

If you already used, expired or wrong, code cannot be used!

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  1. hi everyone if ajhq is reading this right now i think they should make it to wear members can gift diamonds to other members and gems