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Ask Mimi

 Hey Jammers! Have any questions? Comment them below and I'll be happy to answer! I won't answer any questions that include:

   •  asking my name, age, country etc.
   •  inappropriate language with rude words (please be polite)

Questions CAN be about:

   • Animal Jam
   • Blogger
   • Favorites (food, color, animal etc.)

Be free to ask anything appropriate!


How do you make a blog?

Making blog is actually really easy. I use Blogger. If you thought that you need to pay anything, you're wrong! I didn't pay anything for making my blog. Of course, you can pay for special domain etc. Blogger is the most popular platform for making blogs. You can also use Wordpress, Wix, but I personally think Blogger is the best and easiest one to use.


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  2. Replies
    1. Hmm, nice question! Since I don't have only one, I guess my favorite colors are black, blue and yellow ^.^

  3. Hey, Mimi!
    I am just starting a blog, and I'm having some trouble starting it.. Especially with the design. I was wondering if you could help me a little ^.^? If you seem to be busy, no worries.

    1. Hey there, Spirits! ^.^
      Of course! Ask me anything you want to know! I will help you :) Good luck, I wish you a good start!