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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Graphic + DE News Crew + PW for iPad JAG! + Member Only 1000 gems code!

- Download AJ graphic for free and use it on your blog, while editing a pic - wherever you like!

- See what AJHQ posted on their blog

- See the pic of Play Wild App Jam-A-Gram for iPad

- Discover member only 1000 gems code!

Hey there Jammers! Mimi here! Suddenly, I couldn't find the new item, so it looks like there is no new item ^-^ Anyway, let's get on to the post! 
Maybe you didn't know, but I enjoy making graphics, so I made a graphic for you! For using it, you must give credit to me Mimi5000 :)

Fountain Graphic 

Anyway, AJHQ posted about News Crew on their blog, DE! Looks like this time Jammers wrote about Mt. Shiveer. Take a look!

Click to enlarge
Thanks to Animal Jam Screech, we found out that AJHQ sent a Jam-A-Gram, saying that Play Wild App is available on iPad!

Pic from Animal Jam Screech

And, finally, a code! I found this code while looking through some Animal Jam coupons, expecting that it is fake. It turns out that this is some weird "membership code" that actually gives 1000 gems to members... Weird right? Anyway, here's the code!

After entering a code, it will take you to your membership page, but all you have to do is to click next!

Well, Jammers, I hope you enjoyed this post! Happy Jamming!