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Monday, July 13, 2015

Rare Freedom Sports Jersey + Pottery Shards + More AJ Blogs Page!

- It's Monday, which means - another RIM!

- Pottery Shards arrived to Jam Mart Furniture

- Get Pottery Shards graphic for free!

- AJN created a new page - More AJ Blogs!

Hey there Jammers! Mimi here with another post! Sorry for kind of a late post (it's late here for me :P), but I was waiting on DE to post! But, anyway, let's start!

As you already read above, another RIM arrived! And it is rare freedom sports jersey! Long name, right? :P

I didn't know that AJ is still making freedom items... 4th of July was almost 10 days ago! 

What do you think about this item? Rate its look and price in the comment section! ^.^

Also, here's the DE's post on today's new RIM!

Click to enlarge

Well, that deer has a style for sure! ^.^

Also, a new item arrived to Jam Mart Furniture and it's from excavation site set - pottery shards!

I personally think this item has everything - and good look and good, appropriate price! If you're planning to make an excavation, you should use this item!

I also made a graphic of the pottery shards! Be free to use it with giving credit to me, Mimi5000!

And, for the end, I would like to introduce you the newest page on AJN - More AJ Blogs! On this page, you can discover a lot of new blogs related to AJ. Remember, you're blog can be added to! Click here to visit the page and find out more about it! ^.^

Well, Jammers, that was all for today's post! I hope you enjoyed :)


  1. I'd say that for the RIM I would rate it's price a 3 (out of 10) and it's overall look/colors an 8 (out of 10).

    I really like the pottery shards item! It would be really perfect for any excavation site den! ^.^ Also, epic graphic!!

    1. Hmm, I guess that's how I'd rate it to... :P

      Yeah, especially the colors! Very cool item :) Thanks ^.^