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Friday, July 3, 2015

Mira Firework + Disguise Mask + Necklace Glitch + Graphics!

-New Mira Firework arrived to Freedom Party

- New Disguise Mask sold on Summer Carnival

- See pics of Jammers' comments on DE about necklace glitch

- Download free graphics 

Hey there Jammers, it's Mimi here! I hope you'll enjoy today's issue! Let's start!

New Mira Firework is now sold in Freedom Party shop! Not so unusual, since AJHQ is adding new fireworks everyday, but still, I really like this firework's design and price too!

Picture from AJS, since I wasn't on Freedom Party!

Also, a new item came to Summer Carnival shop too! Take a look!

A very weird item though, but in spirit of the carnival! The colors are changeable and very nice! I guess the price could be lower but... There's always a con..

Well, since those are the good news, we need to talk about bad news too...
Click to enlarge
Thanks to viridescentfuture (and her buddy horserider1217), we know that this weird glitch came to Jamaa... It looks like that whenever (or sometimes) a Jammers trades you a necklace, it automatically accepts it. I'm sorry for Jammers who lost their items :(

 Anyway, again, I made some graphics for you! Remember to give credit to me, Mimi5000!

Fountain Graphic

Pumpkins Graphic

Den Portal Graphic

And, for the end, I wanted to post one (finally) interesting post of AJHQ's blog DE! This post actually teaches you something - minimum requirements to play AJ! Take a look!

Click to enlarge

Well, that was all for today, Jammers! I hope you enjoyed. Bye and happy Jamming! ^-^
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  1. Amazing graphics!! I especially love the pumpkins!

    That new item at the Summer Carnival is kind of strange... it looks to "human" to be in AJ. Pretty funny-looking though. :P

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy to hear that from graphic master ^-^

      Yup... I guess nobody will wear it... I know it is a carnival item, but still :/

  2. I really want to put your AJN button on my blog, but where in the HTML do I put it? I'm too lame to know these things lol I'm sorry

  3. Oh, you do not put in HTML, you put it in HTML/Java Script gadget in your Layout! And it's ok, you'll learn! ^-^

    1. Oh, and also send me the link of your blog ^-^

    2. ooookay? Here's the link:
      Thanks btw!