Blogger Tricks

Posting Guide

If you don't have any experience in blogging (editing posts), this is a perfect page for you! This is not just for future AJN authors, it's for all blogging beginners! Let's start! 

Post title is written in this tab (see the picture). It's the name of the post and appears on the very top of the post. (examples: New Item (write name) + DE post + Unreleased items!) You can name it however you like :)

To center the whole post's text, click this button (see the picture). It's pretty easy, and makes the post a bit neater :)

Pictures look better if you center them too.

Space between pictures and text make a post look neater, but it's not necessary! It looks good without it too  ^-^

Your blog might not have labels, but if it does, here's how to label a post (see the picture).

So, this is how your post can look like! Be free to add some interesting stuff too!

Hope this was helpful, Jammers! ^-^

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