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Monday, July 6, 2015

Rare Freedom Fruit Hat + Graphics + Paw Up Movement Special!

- It's Monday, which means - new RIM!

- Download free graphics

-Check out AJN's first movement special!

Hey there, Jammers! It's Mimi here ^.^ Sorry for not posting yesterday, I'm usually very busy on Sundays... :( Anyway, let's start the post! Guess what, it's Monday! :O Today's RIM is, of course, freedom-ish, but it's also located in the oceans!

As always, an item that already exists... Also, I understand that it should be freedom, but... I guess only few Jammers would wear that.

Here's the DE's post about it!

Aww, that dolphin is cute ^.^

Anyway, I made some new graphics! You can use them by credit to me Mimi5000 (or AJN).
Fruit Bowl Graphic

Table With Orb Graphic

Paw Up Movement Special 

Welcome to the very first Paw Up Movement Special ^.^

I decided to add this to this post because I noticed something very nice in Jamaa Township...

As you can see, those Jammers tried teaching others how important is to respect others, especially those who are not treated right. So, please, spread the word about how important is to respect non-members! ^.^

That was all for today, Jammers! I hope you like the post! Happy Jamming :)