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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gold Panning Pond + Diamond Challenge + Zoo Visit! ^.^

- New item from excavation site set arrived - gold panning pond!

DE hosted another diamond challenge

- See pictures from Mimi's zoo visit ^.^

Hi Jammers! Mimi here with another post! Today, I was at the zoo and I took a lot of cute pics with animals! To see the pictures, stay with me to the end of the post! ^.^

But, anyway, let's start with the news! Today's new item is gold panning pond, another item from excavation site set!

The color is changeable, but sadly, only the color of that band changes! Also, I don't really like the price... >:T

Anyway, the AJHQ's blog, DE, posted about this new diamond challenge! Take a look!

Click to enlarge

Who knows, maybe you'll win this time challenge :P

And, here they are! Zoo pics! ^.^ I really enjoyed the visit, all those animals are so cute!

A cute little meerkat! ^.^
Purrrrr... ^.^

Close enough? XD

Crowned crane!

I have a lot more pics, but I think this is enough!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Jammers! Bye for now! ^.^


  1. yeah the item is very overpriced. also those animals are so cute! ^_^