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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dig Site Canopy + Are Hyenas Dogs (DE) + Glitch

- Another item from excavation site set came to Jamaa

DE posted an interesting "Ask Brady" video

- Get graphics for free

- Check out a weird glitch!

Hey there my little Jammers! It's Mimi here, as always! Let's start with the news!
Today, we have another new item from excavation site set - dig site canopy

This very expensive item comes in few different colors! I think this item is really cute, especially the "bone-thingy", but the price should be definitely lower - around 600 gems!

Also, a made a graphic of this item. If you're using it in any way, please give credit to me, Mimi5000.

Meanwhile, AJHQ posted an "Ask Brady" video on DE! Here's what Brady has to say about this interesting questoin - "Are hyenas dogs?"

Hmm... It looks like hyenas are more closely related to cats! ^.^

Anyway, I made some new graphics that I'd like to call "Adventure Rock Signs". If you have an adventure blog, page, or you're planning to write a post about adventure, those will be very helpful! Remember to give credit!

Meet Cosmo Rock Sign

Return of The Phantoms Rock Sign

The Hive Rock Sign

Lastly, I noticed something really weird when I went to my storage's den trough den portal! Even tough I went to another den, it still shows Mimi5000, but when you click it, it shows the right player card!

Weird glitch, right? ^.^

Well, that was all for this post, Jammers! Happy Jamming ^.^