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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AJN's first week! + Plants Graphics + LilacPetal15 scammer!

- AJN exists one week! ^.^

- Get free graphics

- Find out about a trust-trade scammer!

Hey there Jammers! Mimi here ^.^ Guess what? It's one week since AJN started posting! How cool is that? Anyway, since there is no new item, I made some graphics that you'll definitely like! If using them, please give credit to me, Mimi5000 (or AJN).

Spilled Flower Basket Graphic

Rose Garden Graphic

Daisy Stone Pathway Graphic

Fruit Baskets Graphic

Also, here are 2 graphics from Llama Trauma short film! You can use those without giving credit, since it was pretty easy to make them ^.^

However, today, when I was in Jamaa, trying to trade, I noticed a scammer! >:( Of course, it seemed like a good giveaway, but it was trust-trade!

As you can see, she's saying the well known scammer sentance: "If you think I scam, leave."
Of course, I knew it was a scam, so I was there taking screenshots and acting "innocent" XD Here're the pics I took!

Click on the picture to enlrage
It looks like Admiral is her other account...

But, anyway, on the end, this happened...

Be aware of scammers, Jammers! They're, sadly, everywhere!

Well, that was all for today's post! See ya around Jamaa ^.^


  1. awesome graphics mimi! (: ugh I hate scammers.

  2. Wow, lilicpetal not cool lol
    I don't watch her vids anyway so idc

    1. It's actually LilacPetal15, not LilacPetal, but she makes videos also... I feel sad for people who don't know that they subscribed to a scammer. :(